Thursday, July 2, 2009

Appointment with Dr. Ob/Gyn

I had my post-surgery follow up with Dr. Ob/Gyn yesterday. Everything has healed well and I'm good to go and get pregnant! She has a spunky personality and I really liked talking to her.
Overall, she was very reassuring about my fertility woes, although she also had a sound of surprise in her voice at a few things I told her. In a weird way this was also reassuring in letting me know that I am not just going crazy and things are not quite normal...

#1 - I showed her DH's SA most recent numbers to get her opinion about an IUI. First, she said in that surprised, not-quite normal voice when I pointed out the 10% motility, "Is that pre-surgery or post-surgery?" However, she then took my own pen from my hand, leaned over my notepad, and wrote "IUI" in big bold letters. She said she thinks we definitely have a great shot with IUI's. She must have been able to tell I'm a stress case, and it made me laugh that she wrote that in my notebook.

#2 - I told her about my spotting (again). She asked if it was 1-2 days before my period, and I said, "No, more like 10." Surprised voice, "Oh, really?" But then said it's probably hormonal and not a big deal (I wonder how many times I'm going to hear that??). Take the progesterone, she said. She also said it could still be residual healing from the fibroid removal, but this cycle my spotting was exactly like it's always been, so I doubt it. I just don't think doctors know what to do about it, really.

#3 - I told her about my FSH & estrogen levels on cd 3 (8.7 & 68 respectively). Again got the surprised voice, "How old are you?" (28) that quickly turned into, "That is still very normal." I think she said things are normal and fine about 10 times, and I liked that. She said to just keep monitoring my FSH and if it starts creeping up to get more aggressive, but that it is a normal number.

She sent me off and told me to go have an IUI and get pregnant! At this point I feel like she might have been down-playing things a little too much, but I think I needed that, you know? It's not like I'm going to run out and really think we're normal...but it helped keep me calm. It was nice to have an encouraging doctors appointment. :)


A said...

I am so glad you had an encouraging appt! I assume you're okay with IUI? That is what we've decided, too (we'd be okay w/ IUI but not IVF). Are you going to try clomid first or just head right to IUI?

I hope your time before baby is shorter than you know!

One Who Understands said...

So glad she was able to lift your spirits. We need doctors that con do that with all the crap we hear about how messed up our bodies are.

'Murgdan' said...

Encouraging is....encouraging!!! Glad it went well.

Anonymous said...


I hope that you're IUI is a great success, and that your baby is (we know he/she will be) a beautiful one!

FSH is fine! Anything below a 15 still responds to injectable meds if needed! So don't fret! Estrogen needs to be BELOW 100 and you are! So she wasn't blowing smoke.

Hugs, and good luck!

Missy said...

I'm glad she was so encouraging. And hearing that IUI is a good option is great news!

Melissa said...

I'm glad that you like your doctor and that she was very reassuring. :)

that has to be frustrating about the spotting, that they have no answers. bah. but if she isn't worried about it, then hopefully it's just one of those things.

Kelli said...

So glad to hear your appt. went well! Your doctor sounds great and I'm happy that you are encouraged, calm, and ready to make a baby!

finding_ac said...

i think that the best thing about this whole dr's appt is that she was so reassuring that things were gonna work out. It feels so nice when someone is not cryptic about what the game plan is and that she was trying to make you feel comfortable by saying "things were within normal range"...i am excited for your IUI and i hope things work out...nothing would sound much better right now than a blessing, eh?

♥ ac

Erica said... did you schedule the IUI yet or are you going to go "au naturale" this cycle?

I'm glad she was so encouraging. It is refreshing to have a doctor like that instead of one that focuses on doom and gloom.

Yay for a plan!

Hope Endures said...

I'm so glad it was a good appointment! Caring doctors are hard to find, but it sounds like you've got one.

Excited to see how this cycle goes...praying for you much! :)

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Glad to hear that your appointment went so well:) Praying that IUI works for you!!!


jones said...

hurray for a reassuring appointment. I hope that the progesterone stops your spotting too!!

♥Tabitha said...

Yay!! So when are you going to have that IUI?!?

Indy said...

You are "normal"...God made you this way with a purpose. I know one day you are going to be encouraging mother's to be with your beautiful testimony. Keep allowing God to write your story.