Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2nd Post-Surgery SA results

My stomach is in knots. There is some improvement, but there are also a couple things that are worse. The total motile is half of what it was on the last SA. I know these things fluctuate. I just don't really know what to think about these results right now. We are so borderline about whether an IUI is even a realistic option. What will the RE say on the 28th??

Current SA (7.14.09)
Count: 59.6
Volume: 3.2
Motility: 15%
Total motile = 28.61 mil

For comparison....

Pre-surgery SA (10.31.08)
Count: 72.6
Volume: 6.1
Motility: 3%
Total motile = 13.29 mil

1st post-surgery SA (4.30.09)
Count: 145
Volume: 4
Motility: 10%
Total motile = 58 mil


Soooo....the total motile is half of what the previous SA showed. Was that really high count a fluke? Also, the morph came back abnormal on this one. DH's morph has always been in the normal range (although it's only the WHO scale), but this SA showed a normal morph of only 17% (down from 58% on his first SA).

Lastly, the motility grade has consistently remained at 1, which means the sperm move their tales but do not move forward (4 is the best score which means they have fast, progressive movement). I have chosen before to kind of ignore this since I only figured it out through all my googling (and haven't talked about it with a doctor). But I think that's pretty bad. Maybe the sperm washing will help?


I am feeling pretty down tonight. I didn't even want to write this post....I came home, got some rice cooking, and just wanted to lay on the couch. But, in an effort to keep perspective, I am thankful for: the fact it only took 1 day to get the SA results, an easy day at work, time with friends and in Bible study at our small group tonight, and that DH will be home in a minute.


Missy said...

I think overall that is good. Motility keeps going up.

Anonymous said...

Minimal that an RE will do IUI with is 20 million.

So don't give up hope. I know its hard, but don't give up hope!

Amanda said...

I think 28 million is still a really good count! And 17% morph is GREAT... I know that their are different indices for that, but my clinic didn't bat an eyelash a my husband's 4.5%. And, Celia at Breeder Beware had a successful IUI with a reported 820,000! And many REs will do IUIs with counts much lower than 20 mil, it just depends on the RE and how badly YOU want to do it.

Wait to hear what your RE says. Don't get too down about this just yet. You've got some good sperm there.

Kelli said...

I'm sorry your down in the dumps tonight! I wish I could finish your rice and give you a big hug! I don't know much about SA numbers/normality, but I do know that you believe in the same God I believe in and He can do amazing things - no matter what the numbers say.

Jen said...

i've heard that IUIs can work with at least 20 million and you're over that... hang in there and don't get too down until you talk with the RE. praying for you!

Melissa said...

My RE's office does IUI's and i they want at least 10 million to do them. I think you guys have a fantastic shot to do IUIs!!

Mary said...

Oh, Hillary. The motility is going up and the morphology is actually really good. We were at 10% and I was panicked but two obgyns and RE's told us anything over 6% morphology is sufficient. When will you know about the IUI possibility?

Foster Mama said...

I think he has plenty of sperm to do an IUI, our Dr did an IUI with us and hubby only had 12K sperm.

Infertility is Hard said...

I'm sorry the results have you down. It's so amazing to me that results change so frequently. It's like, any little think can change it.

When my husband and I went in for our IUI's, the nurse said that anything over 5 million motile qualifies. I know this # is probably different everywhere, but you guys are obviously way above that #.

Thinking of you.

A said...

Hey Hillary, I'm so sorry you're feeling down tonight. Many hugs to you right now! I think you've gotten some good encouragement from the other commenters! Also remember that God doesn't need a particular number to create life :) He is all-powerful and loves you so much!!

Hope Endures said...

I love what A said about God not needing a particular number to create life!! So true - He is sovereign over everything. I'm praying that the 28th comes quickly for you, and that you get lots of reassurance and good news from the RE. Sending many hugs your way!!

Amanda said...

I've thought of another one for you... Jess at Life in the White House got a BFP with only 8mil from her donor sample (

WantWait&Pray said...

Did your husband have surgery for a varicocele? Just wondering. My DH has a subclinical one that the Uro. said we would only have a 40% chance of improvement if we did surgery. We decided to do the surgery after we've achieved a pregnancy- perhaps while we're pregnant in order to not lose the months of recovery.
Nonetheless, my dh's counts have varied a LOT in the previous 3-4 SA's and he didn't have the surgery. I think it's common to see quite a variance.....but I know you had hoped and prayed for overall improvement.
I'm sorry- I'm praying for you and knowing you'll make the best decision.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry. You know I can totally relate. But I agree with A, God works miracles and it may be naive to say, but it only takes one. That's my new motto!! :) I'm praying for you to have good news with the RE, when's the appointment? Love you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged. Praying that you can rest in the hope that does not put us to shame (Rom. 5).

♥Tabitha said...

I'm so proud of you for focusing on the GOOD while in the midst of the bad. We both know this informations sucks, but it's always so hard to nail things down with boys and their sperm, and God has a plan for all of HIS children and HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. I hope this brings you a little comfort, and I'll be praying for you!

Cinbin said...

My heart goes out to you, My RE told us 10-mil prewash, 5-mil post wash, so if you wanted to do IUI, it sounds like you are definitely good candidates. I will pray for you and keep you in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that you are feeling down, but I agree with the others that those numbers look good, and are improving. Don't give up hope. I am thinking of you.

One Who Understands said...

((HUGS)) My DH had the same surgery and his count went down afterwards. For us the whole thing was a waste. His overall total motile is still good. I think this is a positive reading, just not as good as the first post-surgery. Sperm are just so delicate. Anything too warm in that area will kill them. It is a wonder anyone gets pregnant!

gringa78 said...

The motility is steadily improving! I think that's a great sign. They really do wonders with the sperm washing as far as grade goes. Don't give up hope!! Hang in there, hun.

Brandy said...

I would kill for over 20 million sperm! Right now we're around 1 million with zero motility. DH is taking clomid to try to increase his count. I hope yours continues to improve and you get the sweet baby you want so badly!