Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fevers, antibiotics....and sperm

Poor DH has a horrible sinus infection! Last night was another rough night on the sleep front for him (...and me) and I wished I could just do SOMETHING to make the poor guy feel a little better. Fortunately we were able to get him into the doctor first thing this morning and, since taking one dose of an antibiotic, he is feeling much better already.

When he got to doctor's office this morning he had a fever slightly over 100 degrees, and when he told me this, I must confess my mind went straight to one thing: sperm. Didn't I read once somewhere that a fever can harm sperm...?! And then I googled about antibiotics, and although I didn't spend a ton of time to find any good articles, it looks like antibiotics can affect sperm, too.


As I have prayed lately, I have suddenly been in less of a hurry to move forward with treatments. I feel like there are a number of variables yet to be determined (especially another semen analysis that might show more improvement...or not). And once those variables are known, we have some very big decisions to make about treatments. So maybe God is using DH's fever to make us take things slowly?! Although I feel like we are already moving.so.very.slowly.

Don't get me wrong, I do not look forward to more waiting. And I want to get pregnant so badly that part of me feels like I could call Dr. RE tomorrow and tell him we're doing IVF ASAP. But God has not directed us yet, and there are a few more pieces of the puzzle that we need to see. The fever/ antibiotics may very well have no affect, and we could have all the info we need to make our decisions in a couple weeks.

Ohhh, I hope so! I hope we know in a couple weeks what we are doing!!

PS - When googling about the fever topic, I came across a fertility forum that has a doctor posting answers. The doctor gave his medical opinion and then wrote, "*****baby dust******." Wow and weird.


Lisa RM said...

A doctor writing "baby dust"? That does seem odd...


Jen said...

that's funny about the doc writing baby dust!!! and it was a male doc??

hopefully there won't be an effect on your DH's sperm from the antibiotics/fever. and hopefully the both of you will be able to have a good nights sleep soon!

i hope you know very soon what your next step will be! i can't stand being in limbo.... i would be a little anxious too!

Melissa said...

that is odd! i mean nice of the doctor, but i don't think i'd see an RE again if he/she said that to me, weird.

I hope your dh feels better soon....ugh to the moving slowly and the not knowing...((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Hey I got pregnant just 2 weeks after the flu w/a fever of 104.4 I thought for sure I cooked my eggs...so you never know...slow down yes, give up no!

Hugs, I hope you're all feeling better soon!!!

Amanda said...

I didn't know drs believed in baby dust.

Well, fevers happen and the body is a very resilient thing, so hopefully it didn't impact things too much... but it's a good thing the boys are hanging on the outside!

Crysbena said...

I'm so sorry your DH is sick! My DH had a sinus infection this cycle and I actually got a BFP so don't lose too much hope. He used the netti pot daily and put his face over some steaming water daily. That helped tremendously. Good luck!

WantWait&Pray said...

Hi hun. I'm sorry you and your DH are feeling crummy! I read your post and it reminded me of myself- in January. When we found out IVF#1 hadn't worked...I wanted to get going on IVF#2 asap. Without thinking about, without really praying about it....I just wanted to try again. Fast! My husband told me to breath...to slow down and to take the break as a time to regroup and reevaluate if there are vitamins, things he could do different to improve his "guys". Well...right after Christmas, when we should have been going in for our retrieval- my dh got sick. VERY VERY sick! He had a temp of 103 and it knocked him off of his feet for a good week. Luckily we weren't scheduled for our ER and IVF was still a good 4-5 months away. Plenty of time to allow the boys to regenerate from his sickness.
The fact that you don't feel rushed to do anything treatment wise, it's God. He's holding your hand, walking this journey with you and making sure everything lines up perfectly before take those next big steps. I'm praying for you! :-)

b is for brown said...

prayers. so sorry about the fever. husband got a shot at a new gp the other day and i was worried it would be bad for the guys! i googled it too!

i hear you on ivf. we were unsure too. but our journey has now led us in that direction and i am excited and scared all at the same time.


Erica said...

You're too funny! And just like me - when my DH was sick over the winter with a HIGH fever, all I could think about was the crap sperm he was likely making for my upcoming IVF. :) The good thing is this: if IVF is the route you choose, you only need a couple of sperm. Not a couple million - just a couple. So he should definitely be able to handle that! LOL!

Thinking of you Hillary and hoping that you have your plan set in the next couple of weeks - limbo definitely sucks!

A said...

Isn't it neat how God blesses us with calm when we place all of our chaos at His feet? I hope that you can get a plan set up for any treatments you'll try, but for now, enjoy the peaceful grace!!

Hope Endures said...

Returning your ICLW comment - thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

The waiting part is so hard for me. I am glad that God has taken some of the pressure and need to hurry off your heart. Praying for much peace for you, and direction on the remaining variables. Hope your DH feels better soon!

Mrs. Hammer said...

We nearly cancelled an IUI because of DH being sick and on antibiotics. Strangely though, he had his highest count that month. Later we learned that some antibiotics can actually be helpful.

And I think it's cute re: baby dust. I think that shows he's really in it for the couple to acheive their dream and it's not just job. :)

Caroline said...

Hugs to you Hillary..I hope you feel better soon.

Kelli said...

Hey hun :) I think the worst part about waiting is running through all of the what if's and all the possible outcomes in your head. That's the stuff that will keep you up at night! I hope your dh feels better soon and that you will feel guided in whatever direction God is leading you. BIG HUGS and lots of prayers!

Wishing 4 One said...

I am hoping you know your plan soon. Don't rush and as you know all things fall into place as they are suppose to.

I think the doctor saying baby dust is cool. If he was my RE as long as he said that after all the clinical stuff I think itd be so cool!

Rebekah said...

I hope he starts feeling better soon!

As much as the waiting stinks, you are right. You will know when the time is right, and you and your DH will be at peace with your decision. It is said so many times, but it is SO worth the wait!

Praying for you!