Monday, May 4, 2009


I had my appointment with my ob/gyn on Friday....the one whose office I have been going to a few years but have never met (only seen the NP). But I chose this office because I had heard great things about her (and thought I would get pregnant and get to see her!), and after my conversation with her I feel like I am indeed in good hands.

There wasn't too much new discussed -- she explained a little more about the fibroid removal procedure, what to expect, etc. I asked if my spotting would stop once I had the fibroid removed, and she said it depends if that is what is actually causing the spotting. I hope so. I hate spotting.
One funny realization I had while meeting with Dr. Ob/Gyn is that we actually have this team of doctors now, and they all know each other. Dr. RE, Dr. Urologist, and Dr. Ob/ fact, Dr. Ob/Gyn deliverd Dr. Urologists' baby!

I scheduled my fibroid removal surgery, but when I got home on Friday and was entering it into the calendar I realized I had scheduled it for the wrong week! OOPS! The doctor wants me to have the surgery between cd 5-10 of my next cycle, and somehow when I was counting it out I skipped a week in May and scheduled it for the week after that window. I called the office at 4:45 to let them about my mistake and get it changed, but they had already closed for the weekend. Hopefully it won't be too difficult to correct today!

If I am able to get the date changed, my surgery will be the last week in May.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Melissa said...

I'm glad the obgyn made you feel like you were in good hands. I hope the surgery stops the spotting too! Hope it was easy to change your surgery day :)

The Wife said...

That's great that they are all a team. With all the counting up and counting down we do, it's no wonder that you missed a week! Don't you sometimes feel like we live our lives in two week increments?

Mary said...

I'm so happy that everything is starting to come around for you, Hillary. How long is the fibroid procedure? Is it pretty quick?

..and I never got to say YAY for DH's sa results. That is simply fabulous!!!!!!

Kelli said...

So glad you have a great team who all work together!! Sound like a winner!

ps. Love those 4:45 office calls!

Erica said...

Wishing you so much luck on the procedure. I'm sure it won't be a big deal to switch it.

I'm glad that your OB's office seems to be on the ball. Good sign. :)

Anonymous said...

isn't it great to have a team of docs who knows, talks to, and respects eachother???

Rambler said...

Great to see you are making progress. Just read up on your last few posts and happy to hear that the varicoele surgery seemed to make a difference. Its nice to try the IUI's (which will take care of that pesky motility) before jumping to IVF.

A said...

I am glad to read that you feel comfortable with your team of doctors- hopefully the surgery will be very successful and your womb will be like new!!