Sunday, May 17, 2009

Infertility free weekend!

We had such a wonderful, no-IF weekend. Well, almost, but can we ever be completely free of those IF thoughts?

Anyway, yesterday was DH's birthday (he's officially 26 now!) so my IL's came up for the weekend to celebrate with us. As I've mentioned before, we always have so much fun hanging out with them -- they're like friends and parents at the same time. :) And they help us do projects around the house!

On Friday night we went out and got burritos and frozen yogurt. Is frozen yogurt such a craze in your neck of the woods? Here is So. Cal it is insane -- we've had three frozen yogurt places pop up in the last year! And it's not what I used to think of as frozen's tangy and sweet. Anyway, we're joining the craze and taste-testing the different shops. I get mine with strawberries and chocolate chips -- yum. And if you're ever near a Pinkberry -- you do have to get some!!

On DH's birthday yesterday, his youth group guys came and 'kidnapped' him for breakfast. It was so sweet and I know he loved it! In the afternoon we went to Home Depot and, through money gifts from my parents, grandma, and DH's parents for DH's birthday we got a BBQ!! DH and FIL put it together while MIL and I did some gardening. We then went out for Middle Eastern food for a birthday dinner and got to sit at an outdoor table with a fire pit. Fun night, and I was happy DH had a great birthday. Isn't it great how when you love someone their happiness makes you happy, too?

This morning we went to church...and that was where my only IF moments occurred. My MIL even said what I was thinking, "Wow, it looked like everyone was either pregnant or had a newborn!" It was true. But it was an amazing service and I love how God's word ministers to me.

We spent the rest of the day hanging a new porch light, going for a walk, and BBQed an AWESOME dinner on our new BBQ...steak, baked potato, red bell peppers, and corn on the cob all on the grill! The only items not grilled was the salad, and strawberries for dessert.

What were you up to this weekend??


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to your DH!! Sounds like an awesome weekend! Oh man, that sounds tough to see weekly (the women at church) esp if your MIL noticed it too, but I hear you about how God's love is bigger than IF :)

Infertility is Hard said...

Ahh. . .Your weekend sounds lovely and perfect. Taking a break from the constant infertility thoughts is SO nice. Happy birhday to your DH! :-D

WantWait&Pray said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend- freeing your mind for even an afternoon of infertility thoughts is refreshing yet so difficult to do. Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

this sounds like a great weekend. so glad that you got a little break :)

Hope said...

Oh I hope to have a weekend like that soon. Sounds fabulous!!!

Kelli said...

What a fun and productive weekend!! Glad you were able to spend time with family and break away from the nagging of IF!

Happy Birthday to your DH! :)

Oh, and I'm planning to update my blog tonight with info about my weekend - stay tuned!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday to your DH, sounds like a wonderful weekend!

jones said...

I need a weekend like that! sounds perfectly fantastic!! hoping that your week is just as nice.

Erica said...

Nothing good, that's for sure! But, I'm heading to Boston this weekend to hang with 3 of our closest couple friends. I've been feeling pretty nauseous though, so I'm just hoping I'll be able to keep up with the group.

Your weekend sounded wonderful, especially the dinner. Yum! :)