Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Freaking out

I got my cd 3 bloodwork results. They told me everything falls into the normal ranges, but it looks barely normal to me. I confess I am freaking out right now. Google is not providing me with helpful links. Do any of you have a good website that lists the normal ranges??? ETA: I just found this site that is exactly what I was looking for.

FSH: 8.7 (how fast could this go up? I just turned 28!)
E2: 68 (forgot this one!)
LH: 5.7 (normal is 5-20?? barely normal. Freaking out. Trying to stay calm.)

I also just read that high E2 can falsey lower FSH. So if my E2 is on the high side my FSH could technacally be higher which would put me in dangerous zones.

I hate being infertile.


Erica said...

I don't know anything about these numbers, Hillary. I wish I did so I could ease some of your concerns.

If the doctors told you everything was normal, then try to believe them. Google is sort of a frenemy, you know?

Thinking of you.

Amanda said...

Your right about the E2 effecting FSH, but you don't know that your E2 is so high that it would affect it in that way and 8.7 is maybe a little higher than you were expecting, but not terrible. Don't sweat that number too much.

I think your LH is fine. Lower LH is good. I have pcos and cysters usually have higher LH and it often causes egg quality problems. Also, you produce hormones in bursts. If you got your LH done at another time of day it might have been higher.

Your levels are going to change from cycle to cycle. Your numbers really are fine and you'll get a new set next month. It won't help you to worry about it.

Anonymous said...

Why are you freaking out? Your FSH is FINE. At 34 mine is 7.6 below 10 means you will respond to the meds-clomid, Follistim, and the like. Under 15 you with stimulation you are still well within the ball park. Over 20 you are done.

As for E2 affecting FSH that is correct, but you don't list your E2 here. Below 100 is what they are looking for.

Your LH is also VERY normal at 5.7. Not barely normal!

I know its hard, but I have to say RELAX here. There is NOTHING you can do about those numbers and in the long run they really don't matter!

Melissa said...

I would go with what the doctors say for now. If your levels change dramatically next month then maybe something is up, but everything looks good now ya know? and google can be a jerk!


Infertility is Hard said...

I also asked about FSH levels when I first had them taken on me. I'll tell you what my RE told me. He said that ANYTHING under 10 is normal. He said it doesn't matter if it's 2 or 9, anything under 10 is a perfectly acceptable level.

So, your levels all look great. And no worries, your FSH won't change much month to month. Not for years and years anyway. Everything sounds perfect. :-D

Jendeis said...

I don't know about the numbers, but I'm sending all my strength and peace to you right now. You are doing really well. Hang in there.

jones said...

I don't really know what the numbers mean, so I'm glad to read all of these other reassuring posts!

AJ48 said...

I would rely on the doctors...I know its hard sometimes..

I actually just had a breakdown last night because I dont feel like the doctors understand I respond very well to the meds I am on. But then I reassured myself that they went to school for this, they have been doing this for years and if something was alarming to would be their job to tell you. And then help 'fix' the problem.

The only thing I would think you could do is get second opinions...
which always helps!

Good Luck this C!!!

WantWait&Pray said...

My clinic not only gave me my numbers with a "everything looks normal" letter, but I also got a referance range depending on where in the cycle I was.
For example my FSH was 7.1mIU/ml.
I have a charg below my result that reads:
Reference Range
Follicular Phase: 2.5-10.2
Mid-Cycle Peak 3.10-17.7
Luteal Phase 1.5-9.1
Postmenopausal 23.0-116.3

Did you get ranges similar or do you want me to post the LH and E2 ranges too?

Hope.Faith.Patience said...

Sorry I'm not sure about the numbers, i haven't paid much attention to mine. I would try and trust the doctor for now, otherwise it'll drive you crazy :-) I know how it feels though because i've been consulting Dr.Google all night and need to stop!

♥Tabitha said...

Trust me, your numbers are great! Here's what I know:
LH (good less than 7)
FSH (good is 6-9)
E2 (good is 25-75)

See? Your all good!! Breathe my dear, breathe!!

Kelli said...

Your numbers are fine! In fact, they are better than mine!! So if you're freaking out, I should be in the nut house! :o)
Trust your doc on this are within the normal range!

Mary said...

I agree with everyone else that your numbers are good. BUT, I know how you feel with wanting that to be *better*. Also remember that they do fluctuate every month. In the end, your numbers don't have any issues that would keep you from getting pregnant and that is all that matters, hon. Hang in there:)

...sorry I haven't been around as much lately, I've just been so sick.