Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another ultrasound

Thanks for "getting it" about the "happy news" of discovering I have fibroids. lol. I am still very relieved to know why I have had so much bleeding throughout my cycle, and it feels like validation. Like I can say to the world, "Seeee? I knew there was something wrong."

But I think the reality that I DO have something wrong has set in a little more, and thanks to Dr. Google I know it is nothing serious. In fact it is so not serious that the vast majority of women who get fibroids don't even get them removed unless their symptoms are severe. And -- here's the kicker -- they don't generally link fibroids to infertility....unless they are a certain type in a certain place of the uterus. Which the NP seemed to think one of mine was.

The RE called yesterday afternoon and scheduled me for another u/s with him today. He said he wants to get a look at them himself and do another type of ultrasound that includes some liquid (I am so fuzzy on that -- I don't know exactly what type of procedure we're doing today. I just know I need to take advil an hour before, but I don't think it's "as bad" as the HSG). He said the fibroid may be effecting my fertility.

Here's where I start to feel overwhelmed. The fibroids may be effecting my fertility. They might not be effecting my fertility and might not be removed. One (or both?) might be removed. If only one is removed I might still have all my bleeding issues. It appears fibroid removal may cause scar tissue in the uterus. If the fibroids are not removed because they are bot thought to be effecting my fertility, they might cause recurrent pregnancy loss down the road. Might, might, might, might! Obviously so few things in the medical world are 100% definite, but there are so many unknowns that it is frustrating. And, as many of you have experienced, it is hard to add more to the "Things Wrong with our Reproductive Abilities" list and to feel like it is just another thing to overcome in getting pregnant, you know?

However, I don't want to take away too much from the happy fact that we know what is wrong and it is either harmless or treatable. That is good -- I would so much rather know about this to work with it than to just feel like something is wrong. And it will be interesting to hear what the doctor's plan is after this mysterious u/s today! I'll keep you posted.


Infertility is Hard said...

It sounds like you are now going to have a sonohystogram. That is when they squirt the water up you. (I'm sure there is a more scientific definition) In my opinion, it definitely wasn't as bad as the HSG.

Isn't Dr. Google evil? He's ruined a few of my days the past year, that's for sure. :-( Hang in there. It is very possible that the placement of your one fibroid is where implantation would take place.

I hope you get really good news at your next appointment. Thinking of you. :-D

Melissa said...

That's AWESOME that the RE is going to do the U/s himself too! I hope that he comes up with a plan to get you pregnant very soon!

Melissa said...

Hi Hillary!
I am so happy for you that they have determined what it "might" be. :0) I definitely have good feelings for you that this is the main problem and that they have to remove it. Can't wait to hear what happens. Good Luck!!!

Gina said...

I agree with "Infertility is Hard", it sounds like your having a sonohystogram. It shouldn't hurt, mine didn't.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your next apt.


Astrid said...

I'm happy and hopeful for you. My #1 frustration right now is not having a diagnosis for persistent hcg after my m/c. I can totally relate to the relief of knowing what's wrong. AND to the frustration of no one giving you any straight answers (thus having to consult dr. google, it's like they don't give us a choice). Hopefully it will go well. Even if removal causes issues, everything i've seen says scar tissue can be removed too so it seems like plenty of good results can come of the progress you're making.


A said...

Hope the u/s goes well! Hope you need another one soon to look at a little bean's heartbeat!

Mrs. Hammer said...

Isn't calming to 'know' that you are not mental when they finally find something. I hope that this solves a piece of the puzzle for you. All this is leading you and your hubby to be healthy and ready for your little one.

Caroline said...

I'm so pleased that things are moving ahead for you Hillary.

gringa78 said...

So glad you're getting more information on everything...it's so much better to know than to spin your wheels wondering all the time. Best of luck with the next steps...I'm thinking of you!

Missy said...

I wish I could have helped you with all those "mights." I volunteered to take part in this study of fibroids and pregnancy where they would provide free u/s so they can measure fibroids throughout early pregnancy. They wanted people who were trying to get pg to sign up and I did. But after so many months of not getting pg, they said thanks but no thanks.