Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3 days to go!

Wow, we only have 3 days until our RE appointment!!! I got a call from the RE's office and received GREAT news: all of our testing and diagnostics are covered by insurance! That was such a relief to hear. I'm sure the $30 office visit copays will add up, but nothing in comparison to having to pay for everything out of pocket. What a blessing.

I feel like I should have a list of great questions to ask the RE, but at this point I don't really. I want to talk about my spotting issues....and what he thinks about the MFI if DH's surgery doesn't help his SA numbers. But I figure those things will come up anyway. And I want to get tested for everything! But, again, I figure that's what he'll set me up for. So...it should be a piece of cake, right?!

I'm bringing all my charts and DH's SA results. Is there anything else I should bring, or any questions you think I should ask??


To answer some of your questions, I am feeling a little better about DH's surgery and his upcoming SA. Thank you for all of your prayers, understanding, and encouragement. But....he's still having occasional stabs of pain. I suggested he call the doctor to ask about it, and he might. Somebody asked if we have another follow-up appointment with the urologist, and we do but it's not scheduled. We were just planning to schedule it for a few days following the SA in May to go over the results. Maybe we'll go sooner because of the pain, but it doesn't seem like it's to the point where DH is really motivated to do something about it. The pain does seem really odd to me. Around the time it began he had been playing handball (random, I know), and he wonders if he could have messed up something through that?


Hope.Faith.Patience said...
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Hope.Faith.Patience said...

Hope.Faith.Patience said...
Only 3 days to go! yay! I hope your appointment goes well and you get all your questions answered. I'm sorry about DH's pain-calling the urologist sounds like a good idea. Thinking of you! ((hugs))


Missy said...

Fantastic news about the insurance! Do they cover treatment as well or just diagnostic? Mine covers diagnosis but not treatment of IF.

I'm glad you're feeling better about the surgery, but sorry DH is having pain. It does sound like you have a good plan and May will be here before you know it.

Kelli said...

I'm SO GLAD insurance is covering all of your testing! That's great news!!
As far as questions for the RE, I remember googling it before my fist visit and found a ton of info. Can't wait to hear how it goes! xo

Anonymous said...

So exciting that your RE appointment is coming up. Looks like we'll both be at the RE the same day. :-D

Yes, I would definitely bring up the spotting, where your RE will probably suggest doing a progesterone test or something like that. And besides that, I'm sure you'll get all the tests done.

Doesn't it feel good to be moving forward? :-D

Mary said...

It's almost here! You've been patient for so long, I can't wait to hear what they recommend.

...and that the testing and dianostics is covered my insuranace. Oh my. You just saved your self and arm and a leg in ultrasounds alone:)

jones said...

So glad to hear that your insurance covers the testing - that is how mine worked as well. Also hoping that all is well with your DH and his surgery.

AJ48 said...

Awesome news about your insurance covering everything!! Mine does too, and its something to feel fortunate about! : )

Whoohooo I hope the 3 days fly by. I am sure the RE will have all the right things to say and give you all the information you need!

Good Luck and keep us posted!!

Melissa said...

That's awesome!! So excited for you!

My RE had us transfer my DH's medical records to her office before our phase II consultation.

I'm still praying the surgery worked for your DH. Maybe the RE can offer up some suggestions about his pain?