Thursday, March 12, 2009

We have a hostage situation...

Last night I was telling DH about this screaming-child-tantrum incident I saw in the Trader Joe's parking lot. Let me just tell you, this kid was LOUD and the mom was NOT HAPPY.

DH: When you tell me stories like that, it reminds me that we should enjoy not being parents right now. We don't have to deal with that stuff. (He was joking)

Me: (although I knew he was joking) You can't joke about that!

DH: Yeah, I can. And if you keep telling me stories like that, I might just have to hold these tes.ticles hostage. I see a nice hot bath in my near future... *laughing*

Me: No! No hot baths! *laughing too*

I think DH just learned that he could pretty much get his way in anything with that precious cargo he could "hold hostage" over me. Good thing he's not actually manipulative like that -- but that man sure can come up with the funniest things!


I know this doesn't really mesh with my light-hearted post, but please go over and give some support to Mary. Her beta didn't double. :(


Mrs. Hammer said...

Ha! That is hilarious. Even though there role in the IF process is limited mostly to 'filling up a cup,' we still can't do it without them.

Melissa said...


i guess the ball's in his court

ok ok, lame pun. :)

Caroline said...

It sounds as though your DH has a good sense of humor!

jones said...

Too funny. I don't know what I'd do if we get to the point where we can't laugh about this (sometimes).