Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I forgot to wear green today

Life has been fun but full lately! In the midst of everything I completely forgot it was St. Patrick's Day, so I missed my opportunity to wear green. We're going to make up for it next week by having our own St. Patrick's Day celebration with a couple friends. Then I can wear all the green I want and eat corned beef and cabbage. :)

Last weekend I hosted the bridal shower I mentioned a couple months ago. I really enjoyed it and made this awesome (and easy) Brownie Trifle -- yum! I also had fruit with homemade whipped cream, and it was the most perfect consistency of any I have ever made.

After the bridal shower we went out for a girls night with the bride and a few bridesmaids and other friends. We went to a "tapas and drinks" restaurant, and it was so fun and tasty! I've never been anywhere like it. Very expensive for not much food, but it was a fun experience.

In cycle news, I tested on an OPK on cd 10 and got a positive, but haven't gotten any more since... :( We did BD on CD 9, but I don't think I had much EWCM to speak of and we sure didn't get much BDing in before then. I'm on CD 11 today. Maybe it was a false reading. We'll see. I haven't been temping this cycle. I think I have gotten Lazy with a capitol "L" about charting!! I'm sure once I get an action plan from a doctor I'll be back in the swing of things (and my anal planner self)...

Hope you're all well!


Anonymous said...

MMM..do you ship your goodies to Bedrock? If so sign me right up :)

I hope if you did in deed ovulate early that you have caught the eggie!

Good luck sweetie!

Erica said...

What does BD stand for? I mean, I get what it means...but what's the B and D? Sorry if I'm a little slow here.

I forgot to wear green today too. And I didn't have anyone to drink a beer with (DH is at his bowling league - LOL), not that I'm supposed to be drinking anyway. My acupuncturist "ordered" me to have a beer tonight though. And no one was around. My God! My life has really gone downhill. :)

Let's hope those spermies live for 72 hours and find that egg!

Melissa said...

Sounds like fun!! I know what you mean! After my first RE visit I put my thermometer on top of my book shelf and didn't pick it up until this month when i started clomid :)

woot for a +opk! hopefully you guys caught the eggie!! :)

BD=baby dance aka sex ;)

Mary said...

I would but the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. A fellow infertile sent her hers after she got pg and it's the best thing I've ever used. The OPKs were always so confusing. The monitor has never been off. No matter when I ovulate, the monitor tells me, and I get my period exactly 14 days later. The thing is amazing. It's really worth the money.

♥Tabitha said...

I hope this is your month! =)

Anonymous said...

That brownie trifle looks amazing. I am bookmarking that recipe to make the next time I prepare a dessert.

Anonymous said...

i just printed out the recipe. i can't wait to try it. it looks like something i can use easily for tailgating season, too :)

glad you had fun with the girlies.


Mrs. Hammer said...

I opened up your blog and instantly wished I could get my own hands on some chocolate cake. It looks delicious and I bet it was. I too had a false OPK this month; keep testing! And BDing :)
(B= Baby; D= Dancing)

Anonymous said...

St. Patty's Day came and went mostly without notice for me too. Funny how that happens.

Those desserts look to die for! :-D

Melissa said...

Just popping over here to see how you're doing. :) Hope you have a fantastic Friday!!