Friday, March 6, 2009

Hugs for Mary

One of my sweet blogging friends, Mary, got two lines on an HPT yesterday at 10dpo. She could use a few hugs (and prayers if you're a prayer!) as she hopes for a sticky baby. I am so thrilled for her, but I know it must be a scary place to be to have that positive test we all wait so long for... but to also fear a m/c...and she has had two of those in the last 15 months. :(

So please, go over and give her a virtual hug, a congrats, and send a prayer her way!

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Mary said...

You are such a dear. Thank you, Hillary. You are a wonderful woman. Oh, and I just read that you made your appt with the RE! Congratulations on that. I know it was huge step for you and I'm really happy that things will be moving foward for you so quickly. April is just a blink away.