Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome ICWLers!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

My husband had a varicocele repair surgery 5 weeks ago, and I am *attempting* to wait patiently for his post surgery SA. It takes about 3 months for sperm to regenerate, so we're aiming for sometime in May to see if the surgery helped his severely low sperm motility. His recovery has gone well and DH is particularly optimistic that the surgery will be a success. :)

I too appear to have some IF issues myself, although those are less diagnosed and defined. I have major luteal phase spotting (typically about 10 days of my 14 day LP), and last month had a 7dpo progesterone test that came back at 8.3. This cycle -- for the first time ever -- I had bright red spotting/ light bleeding from cd 10-12. Before ovulation. I have no idea.

Anyway, we're in the processing of selecting an RE and making a consultation appointment. Thus far my DH has been treated by a urologist (a young, female one I might add!), and I have seen my ob/gyn's nurse practitioner who has not proven to be very helpful. We're excited to start seeing an RE and get going here!

Happy ICLW!


Sara Scissors said...

I think seeing a RE would be a good next step. It seems like there's something fishy going on with you too! I know I wish I started seeing my RE sooner than I did too. Hopefully by the time DH is all healed up you'll be "fixed up" too. :)

Erica said...

How does this ICLW thing work? Am I supposed to find new blogs? Ugh, I just got back from a baby shower and although I was fine while I was there, I'm feeling quite foul now. I ust can't stand being around pregnant people. I'm happy when they get fat. :)
How are things?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. It's a very good idea to start looking at REs now. It can take several months to get an appointment with a busy one. I'm sorry about the spotting and bleeding. Hopefully the RE can get to the bottom of that for you.

Anonymous said...

Shoot w/everything else going on I forgot to sign up for ICLW...darn it.

May seems like FOREVER from now doesn't it? But in reality it will be here before we know it! I am with hubby--the surgery WAS a success!

Caroline said...

Hi Hillary,
Reading over the journey that you and your DH have been through, I think you should feel proud of yourself. You are so strong. I hope that your BFP is just around the corner.

daega99 said...

Thanks for the comment! The urogolost has my husband taking a multivitamin with additional vitamin C, Omega-3s and Arginine (I think that's the name). We also changed his diet (more fruits and vegs and whole grains) and more exercise. Not sure how much difference it will make with the SA but he feels better.

What IF? said...

Hillary, thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog. I really appreciate it. I'd definitely recommend going straight to a RE. We knew we were dealing with male factor IF, but dicovered late in the game that I have severe Endo. It's definitely worth seeking out the best RE and not wasting any time. Best of luck in figuring all of this out!

Amanda said...

Thanks for your comment, cute suggestions... I might have to have some ice cream today anyhow. But those punishments aren't nearly sever enoug... I'm thinking he should have to clean the whole house and then donate $60 to the American Humane Association.

theworms said...

I really hope the surgery improves the swimmers.

Thanks so much for the comment and support :)

Jendeis said...

Hi Hillary! Just wanted to respond the question on my blog. We have several MF issues. First, JD has ejaculatory inhibition, meaning that ejaculation is an extremely rare event. Second, the amount of ejaculate is very small. I think that JD produces about half of what the docs normally expect (less fluid means less sperm to choose from in the wash). Third, JD's count and morphology are within the normal limits. Fourth, JD has 4% motile sperm.

Thanks for being interested. Hoping that you two are having a nice weekend!

Beautiful Mess said...

I hope his S/A comes back with good news for you two. Good idea checking into an RE. I always go with more information is better then less. I'd rather be prepared as much as I can for that wrench that will most likely be thrown into any plan I have then be taken by surprise. Have a GREAT day!