Monday, January 12, 2009

We love our female urologist

Thanks for the well wishes -- our pre-op appointment went really well today! At our first urologist appointment, DH had been a little freaked out by the cute, petite female urologist. Definitely not what he was expecting, at least. And he never thought he would drop his pants for any other woman but me... :)

After our appointment today DH said he really likes her and trusts that she is an excellent doctor. She seemed like a bit of a perfectionist, which is a wonderful quality in someone who will be performing a micro-surgical procedure on your private parts! She was also personable, easy to talk to, and gave us a lot of time to ask questions.

The recovery sounds like a little more than we were expecting. He'll be in bed for the first 24 hours with ice packs, and then he can "rest" for 3-5 days. Since his surgery is on a Thursday she said he might be able to go back to work on the following Monday while still "taking it easy", but he'll just have to see how he feels. He'll be 100% after about 2 weeks.

She said there is a 60-70% chance that this surgery will improve his motility percentage and grade. I asked her about what she thought of vitamins helping and she basically said, "It could help and it can't hurt." She suggested Fertility Blend and Proxeed, so I'm off to research those now.


Mary said...

I hope it all goes wonderfully. How soon will they do another SA after the surgery?

FattyPants said...

Hope everythig goes well. If you decide to go with fertility blend it is much more affordable if you buy the supplements seperately and take them together than buying the name brand.

Anita said...

I'm so glad you have a wonderful Doctor!

I hope the surgery is great success and DH makes a speedy recovery :-)

Caroline said...

Hi there,
I hope that the surgery goes well.
It's great that your DH likes the Doctor.
I'll be watching your post and hoping that you have a good outcome.

Melissa said...

Thats great!!! I am rooting for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Those are great odds! I hope and pray that all goes well and that his recovery is rapid! Take one day at a time!!!

Mrs. Hammer said...

I'm glad your appointment went well. I can actually relate to your hubby because I never thought I'd drop MY pants for another man but Hammer. Oh what we do for babies!! Check out my FertilAid post if you have not already, we had great results with it this month after only 3 weeks of use. Oh and my husband started drinking 8oz of pineapple juice daily which increased his numbers about 25% PRE-FertilAid use. I'll be praying for the surgery to go well and a fast recovery.