Friday, January 16, 2009

Progesterone results in

Last night I got a phone call from my doctors office, and my progesterone came in at 8.3.

I'm really not surprised because of all the the crazy spotting. I thought something was wrong.

However, I am really surprised because my temps were always nice and high post ovulation. And although I spot, I did have a 14-15 day LP, which seemed a little weird to have with Luteal Phase Defect (LPD).

My emotions are contradicting themselves at the moment, I know.

Overall, though, it was difficult news to receive -- especially after I had been feeling so happy about M's surgery going well. As glad as I am to have an explanation, I wish I didn't have anthing wrong with me.

They want to put me on progesterone suppositories to address the problem. However, I have read some contradicting articles about the effectiveness of this. Some have said that the real problem lies at the beginning of the cycle, so something like clomid should be taken to boost ovulation which will then strengthen the LP. So now I don't know if I should even take the progesterone! Nothing is simple, it seems.

Ultimately, I'm not going to take anything until after DH's post surgery SA results in 3 months because it doesn't make much sense to me to take any meds if our chances are still so low because of DH's sperm. This news will help shape our next steps, and those decisions are swimming around in my head. We need to pray for guidance.

As DH said (jokingly), "Now we're really just an infertility mess."

God can shine even more brightly through this mess.


Anonymous said...

That's not a total loss! You DID ovulate! Also, I read once that progesterone like LH ebbs and flows. So you may have had a higher level at a different time.

All is not lost yet my dear! Not lost at all!

April said...

i agree with betty! :) you did ovulate. i did the progesterone suppositories and they were not bad at all.


Mary said...

Have them do the test again. Betty is right that the values can change month to month. Mine was 11 and then 12.5 the next month. Also, they do prescribe clomid for a LPD. If I were you I would wait for the next SA results and then do Clomid and the progesterone suppositories. I'm sure you have heard me say a million times that I've learned only we can take control of our fertility issues. Many Dr's want to try one thing for a few months and then maybe something else if that didn't work. Personally, I'm sick of waiting and just want to get pregnant. I know these decisions are different for all of us, I've just gotten burned so many times by Dr's not really wanting to help. If I remember correctly you had to demand that they even do the progesterone test...they didn't even want to!
I guess I'm just saying don't lose faith. Take charge of what is going on with your body and do what you think is right. But always voice your opinion to your Dr, even if it is not what they want to hear.
You guys will get through this. I'm glad you are getting the answers that you need to make this baby happen. (((BIG HUGS)))

Caroline said...

Hi Hillary,
I think it is good to know exactly what you are facing. Then you can start to determine the best course of treatment.
I'm sorry that I can't give you much advice, but I am praying for you. Hang in there!

The Wife said...

First, I'm glad that DH's surgery went well. I'm sorry the results weren't good. Whenever I had to do p4 labs they never went well. So bad even that the nurse didn't want to tell me the results. I would be tempted to take the meds so that you and DH are both good to go once everything is good with DH, instead of fixing his issues and then working on yours. It took 3 months of Clomid (and other stuff) for the RE to finally give me the right combination so that I could actually ovulate. Whatever you decide make sure your Dr is giving you the help and support you need.