Friday, December 12, 2008

Varicocelectomy scheduled

We've decided to do the surgery.

We know there is a large chance it won't work, and that some studies show it to be ineffective. But we're not ready to give up on our only other option before IVF. An option that *might* allow us to conceive naturally and have future children.

What finally made us feel 100% sure about our decision was the wonderful support and research done by my IL's. They found many articles supporting the surgery. They also found studies showing that varicoceles can often get worse over time, so even if men father 1 child "naturally," secondary infertility is common. And -- this is a big one for us -- varicoceles can reduce men's testosterone (and, again, this can get worse over time), and testosterone effects SO MANY things from hair loss to heart disease to libido. M doesn't show any symptoms of lowered testosterone, but the surgery also seems beneficial from a medical prevention stand point.

It was so wonderful to have my IL's looking into all of this. It is amazing to have somebody who researches along side of you, knows the facts, and supports your decision.

After talking to them yesterday I felt so joyful because we have people who love us in our corner and we felt really good about our decision to have the surgery done.


Mary said...

I think you made a fantastic decision and you should be proud of yourself. It's great that you have family that is taking this journey with you. You are a lucky woman.

Tanner's said...

We will be praying for you guys during this time. I am glad God is making His steps clear for you!! We will pray complete healing!
Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement, they mean so much!

April said...

sounds good! that's great that your ILs are so supportive. Mostly, mine just tell B to eat more protien b/c someone told them once that would help with "numbers". They don't seem to care that "numbers" are not our problem...its motility and morphology! ;)

yea. hope this is helpful for IF and overall health.

gringa78 said...

Good for you, Hillary...I'm so glad you have a plan and are moving forward. Thinking of you!!

Anita said...

That's great that you've made the decision to move ahead with the surgery. I will be praying for you and DH!

Thanks for your kind words and prayers :-)