Monday, December 1, 2008

So that's what it's like to go to a urologist

We made it out laughing and hopeful :)

Here's the scene: M is sick with a bad cold and I'm quietly nervous. We walk into the lobby of the urologist office and realize M is the youngest patient by about 50 years out of the 6 other patients we see throughout our time there. I fill out the forms for M since I kind of like to do that (is that weird?), and we only wait a few minutes for his name to get called.

He does a urine sample because they say every patient they see gets one (although it did seem highly unnecessary) and then we both wait together in the exam room. There are lots of posters/ diagrams of male anatomy and such which "entertain" us while we wait.

Dr. Urologist walks in and is kind, professional, dry humored, and all business. He takes being a doctor seriously and we like that. We explain why we're there and show him the original SA. At some point M mentions that he has a varicocele (he knew he had one because it is easily felt), which Dr. Urologist seems very interested in and leads us to a short anatomy lesson about how men get varicoceles.

Before the exam begins he asks me a few (rapid fire) questions about how long we've been TTC, etc. Understandably, he doesn't know how informed we are...but some of the questions were difficult to even answer with a straight face! Highlights that I remember:

*Are you ovulating?
*You're not using condoms, right?
*You know "it" has to go in you, not on you? (seriously!)
*Are you laying with your bottom elevated for 30 minutes? (no, I read this is not really necessary...right?)
*Are you timing it around ovulation?

Anyway, it's time for M to drop his pants. He told me afterwards that, in order not to laugh, he thought about war. Ha! However, I guess he ran out of war topics because when it was time for the lying down portion of the exam he starts cracking up. The kind of laughing where he couldn't make himself stop and that made me start. I even hit him on the shoe to try to get him to stop, but he and I couldn't and Dr. Urologist just keeps going. Dr. U did say it is a "normal" reaction and that he gets all kinds of reactions. Makes sense.

Dr. Urologist is certain there is a Grade 2-3 varicocele (3 being the largest, M's is borderline) and says that is the most likely cause for the low motility. He said a varicocelectomy surgery has a 60-70% chance of greatly improving M's motility rate, and then we may be able to get pregnant "the fun way". He also talked about IVF w/ ICSI and basically made it sound like that's our only other option. (The one question I forgot to ask is what are our chances of natural conception as they stand now? Is my 0.002% chance at all close?)

He brings in his partner, a young female urologist, and says that she is best trained in the most up-to-date techniques for the surgery so she would be the one to actually perform it. They then both examine M (which included more laughing) and agreed on the diagnosis and treatment, and tell us that if we decide to move forward we could do the surgery pretty quickly.

We're getting another SA this week before we proceed. Dr. Urologist said to definitely do this, but also didn't seem to think the 1st one would be wrong. We're researching the surgery.

I am hopeful:
*Maybe we can get pregnant "the fun way" someday
*Maybe we can get pregnant "accidentally" someday when we're not even trying (I dream of this now...)
*Maybe we could have IUI as an option instead of IVF if the motility goes up enough

Yes, we left hopeful.


gringa78 said...

I'm so glad you had a good visit! It sounds like you walked away with a lot of options and a lot of information. Yay!!!

Jendeis said...

I'm so glad that you had a positive visit. It's wonderful that you now have options.

Our doc told us that with John Dear's extremely low motility (normal count and morphology, that our chances of conceiving naturally (ever) were 1-2%.

If the variocelectomy can totally fix this, that sounds fabulous!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Hey Hilary - I saw your comment on another blog I read and popped over. I'm glad to hear this appointment went well (although greatly humorous). I hope the surgery works and you can BD with a positive the fun way! That'd be awesome.

Anonymous said...

No the 30 minute rest isn't nessessary. How do I know for sure? Well when I got pregnant in March I had to have a post coital done--drive to RE is an hour and I had to be there in an hour for the test to be performed--talk about a quicky!

As for the has to go in you not on you...thanks for the tip! LOL. I would have been laughing too!

Good luck, I hope this is corrected QUICKLY and that you are getting your BFP soon!

Andrea said...

Your post made both me and my DH laugh:) I told DH he needs to think about war next time he gets 'examined' :) I hope the surgery works! It definitely helped for us, gave us the option of IUI instead of IVF w/ICSI, which is what the urologist told us, too.

Mary said...

I'm So glad you are getting some answers. One thing though (without sounding like I'm bursting the bubble) is to make sure you both get checked. Scott was checked before me and he had 10% morphology. Not good. We thought that was the problem all along. Then...8 months later they tested me and found out I have a unicorn uterus. I'm SURE you don't have this anomaly, but make sure you get all the tests you need. Dr's drag their feet and sometimes you really have to push them. I know you follow my blog (love you!) and I've been TTC for 15 months because of Dr's not wanting to run tests. Demand it. It will help you in the end.
Everything crossed for you!

Love you!

kirke said...

My hubby had the surgery too! It took a while, but his counts went up and now we get to try IUI rather than IVF.

He had a second procedure too. An embolization after he started to feel a little pain. It's a little different, but the recovery time is way better. His surgeon for the embolization said we should have done that first, that they have better success rates.

Good luck!

Indy said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with us...I will keep you and your hubby in prayer.

My hubby and I have been "trying" for a little over year. I'm 29 and he is 26 (will be 27 in a week) but the endocrinologist didn't find anything wrong with me. So now we have to get him tested...we are trusting in God but my heart silently breaks inside everytime they ask us, "Do you have kids? When are you going to have kids?" I never realized how hurtful and invasive these questions were until now.

As difficult as it is to accept, we want to be able to accept whatever it is God has for us.

My hubby asked me to fill in the blank and now I will pass it on to you.

God works all things ________. (Hint: Romans 8:28)