Thursday, December 18, 2008

Non-IF melt down

Wow, I must be really PMS-ing. I had a complete melt down last night over some biscotti I made to give away as Christmas gifts to co-workers. The biscotti turned out great but then when I went to package them...

I had this idea in my mind of how beautifully they would be wrapped. Standing in clear glass mugs wrapped in cellophane and tied with a lovely Christmas ribbon.

I didn't have enough time. The biscotti looked too small for the big mug. I ran out of cellophane after making 2 (I had 6). I ran out of skinny ribbon. I feel so bad for M, but I could not hold it together. I haven't had a meltdown like that in a long time. M helped me make the best of what I had... and they came out fine. I thought about taking a picture to post here to show you, but I thought they were so ugly at the time I didn't even want them photographed to be remembered forever.

Honestly I do think I am hormonal (AF should be here this weekend). I've been very busy and stressed at work, and our social life has been so full. I'm tired. I've wondered today if my hysterics had anything to do with underlying IF stress, but as far as I can tell they weren't related.

This is so trivial -- you really don't need to post any comments of comfort. :)

Side note -- Thanks for all your suggestions and encouragement regarding my spotting/ progesterone/ doctor visit. You ladies are great!


Anonymous said...

I know you said no comments...but I can't help myself.

I was the SAME WAY last weekend. PMS is the devil in disguise! Just remember...this too shall pass, and soon you will be pregnant and a whole new rush of emotions will replace these!

Mary said...

Isn't that the know you are being irrational, but just can't help it. Hormones are powerful things.
I never did get to say congrats on getting your progesterone tested. I'm so happy that you are getting that done. Sometimes we have to force, beg, plead, for some of these tests to be done...but it will be worth it. Very pround of you - stick to your guns:)

Anita said...

Making biscotti as gifts is such a sweet idea! I'm sure your co workers will love them ! :-) I hope you're are feeling better today. Sounds like you've got a lot going on and IF certainly adds to it! Hopefully this weekend you can take some time out for yourself and relax :-)


April said...

:) it's okay to trip about something silly....or at least that is what i tell myself on a regular basis.