Monday, December 22, 2008

Infertility in Australia

We had a wonderful weekend! I felt like it was the first slow down in the month of December. Shopping's done, cards are sent, parties are now it's just time with family and time off of work! Today's my last day of work for the week so I'm really excited!! :)

My IL's came up to visit and see our home decorated for Christmas. As I'm sure you could tell in an earlier post, we're really close to my DH's parents. We have a ton of fun together and they really are like close friends to us -- they just happen to be older than us and DH's parents.

We did some shopping, MIL helped me wrap gifts, ate out, went to church together (I love the service before Christmas!), and talked and laughed a lot. On Saturday night we went and saw the movie Australia and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was the perfect movie to see together (great for all ages & genders!) and it was a really likeable, well done movie. Interestingly, the main character is an infertile. It's a really minor point in the movie, but does play into her love for an unofficially adopted child. Maybe I just haven't looked for it until recently, but I can't say I've seen much about infertility in movies. It was interesting.

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Mary said...

That is so great that you get along with your in-laws so well. My MIL is the best woman I have ever met and I feel so fortunate to have her.
You are right about movies and infertility. Infertility and miscarrige seem to get pushed under the rug and not talked about and it's so sad. SO many people deal with these situations and it would be nice if they were addressed more often. I can't wait to see the movie.