Sunday, December 7, 2008

IF one-liners from DH

On Friday night we were walking down the street after a good dinner with friends. The Christmas parade had just ended and there were lots of fun sights and sounds around us. The air was cold (for here) and we walked briskly with our arms around each other's waists. We were in good moods that led us to silliness.

One liners from DH -- I love how he makes me laugh:

"You and me make the ultimate contraceptive."

"When they teach about contraception in school they could use a picture of us."

There were a few more that I don't remember. I just asked M right now what they were and he said in a false voice, "I don't remember those." (He knew I was going to put them here).

So they might not be that original or funny, but let me tell you there were hilarious on Friday night.


Mary said...

That's too cute:)

Anonymous said...

They are still funny on Sunday :)

Too cute!