Friday, November 21, 2008

Prenatal vitamin rebellion

Like a good TTC-er, I started taking prenatal vitamins a few months before we started TTC. I remember the excitement of just buying the vitamins! And wondering if I would run into anyone I know as I walked through Costco with them! And then in just a few short months we would get to start *trying* for our baby! Yes!

Now that I'm nearing the end of that Costco sized bottle of vitamins with no baby in sight, I am not so excited about them. In fact, I feel a little rebellious toward them. They're huge and have a gross aftertaste. And sometimes I just don't feel like going back to the kitchen (those 20 feet seem far at the end of the day...), getting a glass of water, and taking it after I'm all ready for bed.

In my rebellion, I have purposefully skipped a couple vitamins. I confess. I get the bottle out and wonder why I am taking prenatal vitamins when I am not even pregnant. And then I put the bottle back in the drawer.

(Although in my desire for a healthy baby and hopefulness that I could in fact be pregnant I have never skipped more than 1 per cycle...and then I take it the next morning...I am too much of a rule follower to be that rebellious)


Gin and Tonic Extra Lime said...

I confess that I quit buying my pricey prescribed pre-natals. RE said I could take a multi vitamin and adds a folic acid vitamin, which is just what I do (when I can remember).

kim said...

I couldn't take the Costco PNVs. They had an awful smell and aftertaste. I got some at Sav-On that I really like. I hear Targets are good, too.

Clio said...

I started taking prenatal vitamins years ago! and then still kept insisting on buying them once in a while. This year I've been taking them since February... only to find out that it wouldn't ever matter on its own, we have MFI. I did have a rebellion of sorts now that I started my first IVF cycle. At the very beginning, taking antibiotic, BCP, the vitamins just became too heavy for my dear stomach to process, but now I'm happily back on them. I just hope that all this folic acid is not harmful for my body. ;)