Sunday, November 23, 2008

Moving on to cycle 9...

AF showed up yesterday.

I didn't cry, and I think it was the first AF arrival in these last 8 cycles with no tears. I think since getting the SA results I just don't have high hopes of a BFP. So maybe that helped.

My DH wanted to prove the SA wrong and get pg this cycle (or in the next few would be nice too :)). And while I truly didn't have high hopes for a BFP (as evidenced by the lack of tears), I did day dream about not getting AF...then getting that second line...

...I would actually feel a little silly for starting an infertility blog and joining infertility web boards only to get a BFP that same month! I reasoned that as dumb as I would feel for jumping on the infertility bandwagon, I wouldn't care because I would have my BFP. Just delete the blog, disappear from the nest...and voila! No more infertility!

But, as of today, that is only my imagination. I still belong here. I still feel like I'm struggling with infertility and no tests or BFPs have proven me wrong.

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gringa78 said...

Hang in there, Hilary. You'll get your BFP too...people like us just have to be more patient than others. I know it's hard when you have that little glimmer of hope, even though you know the odds are against you. I don't think there's anything wrong with hope, though. :)