Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yippee! Another SA!

Yes, I am excited for my DH to repeat the SA test. He's not, but maybe my excitement will rub off on him? After his first SA experience I don't blame him...

Background info: Through an infertility web board on the nest, I met a blogging friend whose DH got negative SA results the same week my DH did. Amazingly, he also had a low motility rate, but all the other numbers were normal -- just like my DH. Needless to say I've been following her blog closely -- thanks gringa78!

Anyway, I've known that it's important to repeat the test a couple times to verify accurate results. However, I realized just how important this could be after Gringa posted a couple days ago about a conversation they had with her DH's doctor about the SA results. The doctor said she is "skeptical since all parameters except for motility were normal," and thinks the sample could have been sitting out for too long and the sperm were dying!

I am now looking forward to a repeat SA and potentially better news!

Gringa's doctor even said to hold off on the urologist appointment until the SA is repeated, which tempted me to do the same. However, we already have a urologist appointment for December 1, and there is no way we could get the SA referral and the SA this week since it's Thanksgiving. I think we'll stick with our appointment and get another SA through their office.


April said...

Hey there...Welcome to the IF blogosphere. :)

There are so many things that can make the results look skewed. I think that a repeat test will only give you more information.

My DH's first SA had like 220 mil and his second had 20. it was so weird. All of the subsequent tests have confirmed the first results, but it is possible to have a test that is just not at the baseline for whatever reason....

Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to welcome you to the blogsphere. I hope that you find support here. Further, I hope that your husband has an outstanding next SA!