Sunday, November 9, 2008

Confessions of a chronic spotter

Even before last week's SA results, I always had some fear that we would face IF.

Why? Because I am a chronic spotter. Most months I start spotting 6-7 dpo. Last month I really only had 6 days in my 25-day-cycle of no spotting/ AF. And most of those days the spotting is light, but as AF nears it is quite heavy.

I wasn't always like this. When we got married I went on BCP's like most other women, but that's when the spotting started: on BCP. So I talked to my doctor and switched kinds. And switched again. Frustrated, I went off the BCP to let my body get back to normal. We used non-hormonal birth control during this time, but I didn't go back to normal.

Although we weren't TTC, I wanted to know all about it. I wanted to know if this spotting issue would eventually be a problem for us. I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility and began charting. I wanted to know/ reassure myself that I was at least ovulating. And I was, as far as I could tell. And my temps were well above the coverline, which made me doubt my low progesterone theory.

Eventually I went to the nurse practitioner. She said the spotting wasn't a big deal but had me get a blood test for my thyroid and an ultrasound. Both came back normal. She told me to go onto a different BCP for 3 months, but I felt like she just brushed me off. Pushed me back onto more BCP. I decided to get a second opinion and hopefully find a doctor I felt more comfortable with.

I met with my current nurse practitioner to discuss my "issues." She had me sit down with her in her office and took notes as I talked! She looked at my charts! That was a relief. I got another blood test for my prolactin levels: normal. She said she agreed with the previous NP and that I should go onto a different BCP for 3 months. I told her we wanted to TTC pretty soon, so she said after the BCP try for 6 months and then come back and see her.

We passed the 6 month mark. I had M go in for his SA to rule that out before I went in for more testing/ treatment.

And now here we are. I thought this was me. My issue. Is it both of us?? MFI and, what would I call it...Female Factor Infertility? FFI.

I guess the bottom line is that IF is both of us. In our case it might literally be both of us, but even if it's not we're in this together. I don't care who it is. But it is a little scary to potentially face that many more obstacles.

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Dave and Elaine said...

Nice to meet you Hillary! I've just read your blog. How many SAs has your husband had? You cannot just go on one SA result, says my Dr. My husband had three during our diagnosis time.
I'm glad you have a blog. It is a really good way to get things off your chest and allow people to pray you through this.