Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ball chair

Have you ever seen one of these? Somebody left an unwanted ball chair in the hallway at DH's work about a year ago, and he thought it looked fun to sit in at his desk. It's supposed to be ergonomic and help you sit up straight, and he liked it well enough. I think it looks silly :)

Yesterday DH switched back to a regular office chair at his desk and realized how much more he liked it -- forget the ball chair! He also said his "male parts" felt much more comfortable... Hmm....maybe the switch back to the regular office chair could help our fertility!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your blog via blogger bingo.

I know this is a very random post to be considered "making me laugh" but honestly, I saw that chair and I laughed. I have never seen one of those before and pictured people in suits and ties sitting on them while they discussed budgets and fiscal policies.

Then I pictured them falling off the giant rubber ball.

So maybe my internal movies are really what made me laugh, but thank you so much for giving me a glimpse into a ball chair.

The best of luck to you!